David Carson

David Carson is one of my favourite Graphic Designers that I have researched. When I was back in college I did a whole essay on David Carson which taught me alot about him and his techniques. His use of type in his design is very wild but it works.     If you want to find out more click here…

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This is a Graphic Design student from the Savannah College of Art and Design, who made this stop motion video. His idea come from his experiences of deadlines; he always has lots of post-it stamps everywhere telling his what to do.  He hates this and wishes he could fight back against the post-its.  The result is this clever  and impressive animation.

Zigteck Reebok-Advert

Here is a advert that I recently saw on TV to do with “Zigtech Reebok”. The reason I like this is because it has an information graphic look which I want to imitate in my magazine. 

Milton Glaser

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Here is a slideshow of  well known American graphic designer Milton Glaser. His work is very inspiring, it makes you want to go out and design something simular to his work.