One of the things we have to make for our magawebzine is a 30 second movie on the magazine concept in Flash showing how the two subjects working together to make a film, which is for me Rugby and Films.

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Here is an idea that i have about Rugby and Films which involves a rugby ball and film from a camera. The idea of this is that the rugby ball will first get bigger and once it goes to maximum size the film from the camera will come in and then wrap it way around the rugby ball until it eventually covering the rugby ball. The only thing about this is that it would be hard to do is to wrap the film around the ball.



This is a better idea that i have which i could work on it involves a film camera starts to record and flashes, then the rugby ball and rugby post will come in to screen and then the rugby ball will go over the rugby post. I need to add something extra to this to make it add up to 30 second long.



I have done the same idea from the last one but i have now added a countdown clock which will be a nice peace of graphics at the beginning of the flash movie. I have also added a foot about to kick the rugby ball. This looks as so it will last the whole 30 seconds.



I have now moved on from the ideas that i had before and have decided to get rid of the rugby posts and bring in an horizon instead so the ball would go over it and i can then could continue by having different scenes going on after it so it would continue. The ball would then be caught by some hands and then footsteps will go across the screen. Then i could have someone passing the ball and scoring a try, then the crowd will be jumping up and down.





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