Magawebzine (Progress)


This project is about making up a new fun magazine that is interesting and should be professionally designed. We have to come up with a new name for the magazine, using two different subjects and putting them together to make a an exciting new quirky name for it. Then using the two subjects ,a new magazine must be designed incorporating them.

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This a mind map that i have come up with to get all the different ideas out of my head and onto paper. By using Films and Rugby i have come up with all these differnet names, my favourite name so far is “Filmby”.



With this mind map i tryed to break up both “films” and “Rugby” into what you would associate them with.



These are some different design ideas that i have made for the cover of the magazine that i just had to draw down. The left one is basically using the word “Filby” as a bee because it sounds like a bee. The right hand cover is using a film tape running through the magazine, with illustrated images in them. I put a bit of shadow in the corner of the right cover to make it a bit more intresting and appealing.

From using my mindmap, i try to come up with some heading for my magazine cover by using some symbol in the letters which represents Rugby & Films.



These are some more covers for the magazine design. My favourite one is the cover on the left because it looks simple, a Rugby ball in a Pop Corn box to make “Filmby” and gets to the point. It would be nice to design it as illustration. I also like how i have put pop corn illustrations as bullet points.

The cover on the right hand side of my work is suppost to be curtains like how you would see in an old cinema with text writen over it. I have then put the rugby world cup in the middle of it to look like it is been projected on to the screen, but i am not to happy about it becuse it dose not stand out at you.



Her are some more covers that i drawn out. The magazine on the left is suppost to be someone kicking a rugby ball over the post with pop corn falling from the trail of the ball. I think i should try and make this design a lot more simple by just keeping the key points of it.

The cover on the right is quite interesting because instead of having a rugby cup, i have changed it so that it is a Oscar instead. I have also experemented with the type title which seems to be very subtle.



I had another go at making the pop corn box that going over the post more simpler, but i still think i could make this much more simpler by making the post more closer up to the magazine so that you only see a part of the post than all of it.




Here are some couple of logos that i tryed to experiment with for the magazine so as you collect the magazine you would recognise it because of the logo.



I have now gone further into the mind map by trying to come up with what i will be putting into the magazine such as interviews and rugby tables.



For my magazine i want to make a waste band, so that i can put it around the magazine to keep it all in place . I like the top image that i have done because it is on a different angle to what you normally see it. Also all of the content of what is going in the magazine will go on to this waste band so the cover can be a nice big illustration.



This was a little idea that i have planned to make a double page spread, which i can make it so that it is an illustration. It is supposed to be a rugby world cup and coming out of it is the pool table of what different countries that are supposed to be taking part.



Here are some more ways of designing the inside of the magazine. The top one is quite interesting because there is a lot of images coming away from it as a illustrated form, it will be very fun to make an interesting design like this.

The next design is very busy but still looks good because of the way it is set out .I think i can make it better by not putting as much text on to the page and making it more interesting with the display the text in different places.




These are some more ideas for the inside of the magazine but actually making them specific parts for the magazine. The top one is the “Content” of the magazine, so what is being advertised to go into the magazine. I have put another illustration on the inside of the cover of a pop corn box fallen with pop corn fallen out of it and going over the content page, so that it acts as a double page spread.

The one below is a part of the magazine were you get people writing in and asking questions and answering them. Again i tried to make it illustrated by actually drawing out envelops and letters with questions and answers  written over them. Another idea i have is to make the page before the letters so that it is a whole envelope covering the entire page. Then i will put a wax stamp holding all the pages that are to do with the letters together so that you will have to peal it away so that you can open it up.



To make it more easier to read the magazine i am going to divide the magazine up into two section, so that one half could be about Rugby while the other half could be about films so that the whole magazine wont be muddled up and confusing to read. This is a much better idea to do a bigger improvement.

Here are some more titles that i have designed for the front cover, which could be illustrated to give it a nice effect. I am also trying to find a font that is all ready mad incase that one is better on than i have designed.



These are two double page spreads that i have an idea for. The top one is suppose to be a camera and in the camera lens there will be an actor in it which will be pretended to be filmed. The whole image of the actor and the camera lens will all be illustrated, and then there maybe some type going around the illustration.

The bottom magazine double page spread is an idea for movies that are in the cinema at the moment which will be in the top ten list. On one side there will be a illustration of a camera lens counting down the numbers and in the camera lens there will be a picture of the movie at the moment. whilst on the other side of the page there will be information about the film, most probably it would be the shoreline, this will be in the shape of the circles of the camera lens on the opposite pages.



Here are some more double page spreads that i have designed. The top one is suppose to be a rugby field which is all been designed in an informational graphic way, the idea is that i can make it into a results table so that on the left of the table there will be the teams logo and as you go across the page there will be a line and on the end of the line there will be a rugby ball showing how many points that team has scored.

The bottom Double page spread is an idea for an interview for a rugby player. In the middle of the pager there will be a play happening showing how the rugby player that i am interviewing has scored that try around the play scene there will be pictures of that rugby player which will be faded around the field to not distract your attention away from the play that is happening.



These are some advert that i have designed. The top one is showing a rugby ticket and on that rugby ticket it is describing all the information about the rugby match that is going to happen like the price, contact details an time of the match.

The bottom one is quite a cool advert. The idea is that it is suppose to took like a poker game but actually it is a rugby match between Wales and New Zealand who are going to go into battle. The only thing that i need to put into the advert is some type telling what is happening in the advert.



These are some film adverts. The top one is a clapperboard and on that clapperboard it shows a film title which is Toy Story and then underneath  the cinema release date will be advertised. i need to add something to this advert to make it stand out even more.

The bottom advert is for a Star Wars 3D film. The idea is that the light saber is coming out of the cinema screen to show that it is in 3D and also to show that it is in a cinema, i could put cinema seats in the front of the screen with people sat in the seats.



This is an idea i have for a cover, because of the book will be split up into two sections it would have two covers. So it would be nice if the cover was the same on both pages so when you open both of the covers together they would make one big picture. I also designed the cover so that it would compensate for both “Rugby” and “Films”.



I have now moved forward on the project by making a dummy of the magazine. This is what the cover idea  would look lie when it is opened up so the magazine cover are next to each other. I could put the type on the side next to the pop corn box to fill in the white space. I like the colors i have chosen to use for the magazine color because they are very effective an would stand out on a magazine shelf. I have also added a shadow on the floor of the pop corn box to give it a 3D look to it.




For my content page i have designed it so the illustrated picture will run through the content pages and on to the back of the cover of the magazine. Then i could have a two column grid which would run down through the page. I could then have the content title in a big type face which stretches over the two columns.



The film contents page  will be exactly the same as the “Rugby” contents page but instead of having a rugby ball with objects coming away form it there will be a pop corn box with pop corn coming out of the box and then flowing on to the type of the contents page.



This is for the films magazine my idea is that in the first couple of pages there will be some news of what has happened in the film business. So the way i have made it is by making a Illustration of a film camera and then in the gaps of the film camera there will be pictures of famous actors and then underneath there will be some information about what that actor has done.



This is my idea for the interview of the actor. My idea is that the actor will sit inside the camera lens and around the actor there will be some information about that actor. But i would make all of this image in illustration to make it look very effective.



After the page of the interview with the actor there will be a double page spread on that actor with a film strip running through both of the pages with picture of film in the film strip of what that actor has been in. The shooting of from the picture of the films in the film strip there will be information and the picture about that film that actor has been in and it will probably by the storyline of the film.



After the Bruce Willis double page spread, there will be a double page spread showing some DVD’s that are coming out. The way that i have designed these DVD’s is by actual having a DVD case and then in the DVD case there will some information about what film is coming out and also some pictures of the film itself. I will make the DVD’s case in illustrator.



The next pages is another double page spread. On this double page spread there i am going to show a top ten list of films that in the charts at the moment. So the way i have designed this is by putting a illustration of the film on one side of the page inside a camera countdown lens. Then on the opposite side of the pages there will be some information about the film in the same shape as the camera countdown lenses on the opposite pages.



Another page that i will have is another news report about some actor and films in the world. The way that i have made this is by making a illustration of the world and then around the world there will be some stories of what has happened attached to the world by a film strip.



On the last pages of the film part of the magazine there will be a page dedicated to Question & Answers. The way i have done this is by making an envelop and some letters and then on them i will then put some text on to them and then i will make a faded silhouette of a camera on the letters and the envelope to show what kind of questions they are.

Then on the opposite page there will be a advert for “Toy Story” cinema release. I will make a illustration of the clapper board and then i will draw around Woody and Buzz and put them into the advert like the dummy above.



On one of the first pages of the rugby magazine i am going to make a rugby field and on the rugby field i will put result of a rugby tournament to show how far each team has scored, but i will design it in a informational graphics way and i will but text around it.



Earlier i went on about designing a advert for a rugby match but in a poker way. So i have developed it further by adding colour to it to make it look more real.



Like the film magazine one of the thing i would like to design is a page for an interview with a rugby player. To make it more different to any normal interview picture i have designed it so that it would be the rugby players shirt instead with his number on the shirt and his name so you would now who the interview is about. I will also put the jersey inside a cupboard hanging up. There will be some text underneath the rugby players jersey.



Following the rugby interview page i will have another double page spread dedicated to that rugby player and on that page i will design a rugby pitch and on that rugby pitch i will put a demonstration of that try that player has scored. Around the pitch there will be pictures of that rugby player in action but i will make them a bit faded so that it wont stand out that much.



This is the idea i have for the rugby “World Cup” the idea is to show the pool table for rugby world cup stands. The cup trophy will have an explosion coming out of the top, of all these different shapes and on the shapes there will be the teams names on them showing what pool table they are in.



Another result table i have made is this one, on one side of the magazine  i will have a picture from the match and the result from the match above the picture which will be shaped like a rugby ball but on an angle. On the opposite side i will have the table results added up but that will also be in the shape of a rugby ball. Each team will have its own individual colour to show how much each team has scored.



For this page i will use a rugby post and on that rugby post i will put some results of the worlds top kick scorer. Information will go around the rugby post about who kicked the most points in the world.



For on of my last pages of my magazine i have made a pitch and on that pitch i will put results from a tournament that has happened. So the results will be shown on the page on the yellow ovals.



This is one of my last pages in the magazine for rugby, it is the same as the film magazine idea with “Question and Answers” on it but this one is about rugby instead with a rugby ball silhouette faded on it instead.

The advert next to it is advertising a rugby match that is happening with a ticket with all the details on it and the hand holding on to the ticket. This will all be illustrated to give it a nice effect.



Now i have designed my pages for my magazine. This is a part of my contents page for the films. I have illustrated the pop corn which is flowing on to the page. I have made the type much more easier to read and also changed the colour of the type so that it read better.



This is my News Reel i have illustrated this camera and then vectorise the images in the camera so they would be in circles. The writing for each of the picture are directly below but in order of how you would see them on the picture.



This is my interview page for the actor and the actor i have chosen is Bruce Willis. I have illustrated the whole image and then put the text underneath so that it would look and read much more better.



This is the film strip for the actor. It took me quite a while to make this. The film is in the film strip and the little film strips are coming out of those picture and then text is followed around the image of the poster of the film.



This is the double page spread for an advert. I have illustrated the whole of this “Star Wars In 3D” advert, to make it look effective.



This is another double page spread of the DVD’s Releases. On one side of the DVD i put information about the DVD on the book of what it is all about. Then on the other side i put the DVD itself on to it, with a picture of the film onto the DVD.



This is the page for the “2010 Top Ten Films”. I have illustrated one side of the the magazine page with a film clock countdown. I have also faded a colour on to the top of the image to show how it is counting down.



This is another news about film that i have gone on about. The only thing that i have done different to this that i went on about earlier is that i have made the world oval and i have put a title on to the page which says “The World  Of Films”, which it makes it much more better.



This is my last page and it shows the questions that people have wrote and the questions, to finish of the magazine. I have illustrated the letter, envelop and the faded film camera to give it a nice effect. One other thing that you may notice is the page numbers which is a very different way of designing them.



Now for the rugby side of the magazine. This is what my contents page looks like, i have made black silhouette objects of rugby equipment which flows on to the contents page from the back of the content page. I have now also done the writing much more easier so that it flows much more better.



This is what i have decided to design my rugby on “The Magners League” table. From the last time i decided the page i have made a couple of changes such as i have put a faded logo of the Magners League in the middle of the field which i made in illustrater and i also put a title up on the top of the page to make it look more interesting and it is also illustrated.



After the Magner League table i have these two pages. On the left is the advert for a rugby match but is advertised like a poker game, which has all been illustrated.

On the right is an interview with a rugby player, and the rugby player that i have chosen is “Shane Williams” i have made a big wardrobe and in the wardrobe is a rugby jersey with Shane William name on it and his number he plays at. I put the type of the interview very neat so that it keeps in line with the wardrobe.



Here is a double page spread of a try that Shane Williams has scored, which i partly did in illustrator and partly did in photoshop. I have now added a block of text on to the double page spread in a little box which looks like it is raised of the ground because of the shadow.



Here is my “World Cup Pool Table”, the idea is that the ribbon will separate the different pool scenes. I made this all in illustrator again.



“Six Nations 2010 Final Results”, this is the idea i had to make a way of demonstrating what the score the results but in an informational graphics way.



“World Top Kick Scorer”, I like this page because i think that the type i did on this page look really  tidy and  neat. The only thing i have done is i have added a coloured chart onto the rugby post to show who scored the most.



This is the result table that i have made up for the “Try Nations”, which was kind of fun to make. I made little rectangles and then using those rectangles i made a circle shape out of them, and using that circle i put lines inside showing who played who, and who won. I illustrated the logo of the try nations to give it the best possible effect.



This is exactly the same as the Film part of the magazine, but i have changed it around so that it is rugby questions instead. I have also put a silhouette of a rugby ball over the top of the rugby ball.



Here is my cover that will hold the magazine together. On the left is the inside of the cover page which continues onto the contents page. It shows a illustration of a pop corn box with pop corn coming out of it.

In the middle is a advert describing a film which is “Toy Story” with a clapper board showing the cinema release.

The right hand side of the page is one half of the cover, which shows a rugby ball inside of an pop corn box. It also has some contents on it showing what inside of the magazine. I have also done different by putting a line on the edge of the box to make it look like a table.



This is the other side of the cover. On the left it show the inside of the back of the cover, with a rugby ball in flight in the air with objects coming out of it which will continue onto the contents page.

In the middle there is a advert for a rugby match that will be happening. It shows a rugby ticket that is being held and on that ticket there is all the information that you are going to need for that match. It has all been illustrated.

On the right hand side is the other half of the cover. It is exactly the same as the other half of the cover, but the only difference is that this cover is a lot more brighter compared to the other side because i wanted to make it look 3D when you put the two covers together. The other difference is that the writing on this one is about films not rugby.





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