To be a successful designer I know that having a creative mind and vivid imagination are essentially the most important qualities to possess.   Whenever I see something that interests me my curiosity takes over and I feel the need to find out everything about it.  Who created it, how and for what purpose it was created and then decide in my mind whether it achieved that purpose.   Was its design the best, were the materials used the most suitable, will the finished article be effective and would I have done it any different.   I feel that I want to be able to use ideas and techniques I have in my head to produce an impact and maybe use unexpected approaches to a subject whether this would be in advertising, books, magazines, websites or even television.   My aim would be to use images and lettering to get across information and ideas in the most effective manner.

Design discipline is of great significance in any work content, the typography should aim to make it easy and interesting to read, I want my work to look professional, not just average.   I use different type according to what the work requires, I enjoy experimenting with a variety of type-face to find the most suitable for that work.   My drawings are important to me also, I try to express my ideas with them then I develop them on “Illustrator” to achieve a professional digital finish.   I always do a number of drawings before I eventually decide on the right one.   Quite often I photograph individual items or a subject when I am searching for ideas and then using the image I put it into  “Illustrator” then draw around the outline, adapting it to my own individual style.

My determination and sometimes stubborn attitude not to fail gives me the urge to see things through to the finished article.   I want to see things I have started finished because when an idea is born and begins to take shape the excitement begins too.   My head is full of thoughts and plans for my work and I enjoy putting them into action.   The more time I put into a brief it takes over my thinking completely and giving up on anything would be out of the question.   Experimenting with ideas I have or adopting ideas already used by other designers, that have stood the test of time, allows me to run with my thoughts to get the results I am looking for.   Sometimes, however, my idea may not be the right one and the results wanted my never be achieved.   The ability to recognise this and either re-think and alter or just try something completely different is important as it saves time when a timescale is involved.

The  purpose of a project it to capture attention, make a statement – loud and clear – and be artistically pleasing to the eye.   This can be done using different materials to get the best effect possible, materials such as paper, cards, acrylic, wood or any sheet substance that would give the result being sought after.   Working with a range of tactile surfaces would be very relevant in the designing of packaging where the choice of material is very significant to the product.   I enjoy experimenting with all types of materials to get the results I am looking for, whatever material I choose I try to present it at its best so that the outcome reflects this.

Throughout the career of a designer there is the need to keep skills up-to-date, this can be through attending courses or exhibitions whenever possible, but skills can also be learned alongside the job when working to meet the needs of certain particular projects where the process is one that is new to you.   I know that I would absorb new ideas and useful practices whenever I experienced them and would endeavour to keep my skills fresh and as current as possible so as to attract potential employers.   Keeping an up-dated portfolio of my work to show would-be customers is also necessary as contacts could lead on to finding employment.   Another way to showcase my work would be on a website as sometimes not all jobs are advertised so by net-working it would be possible to approach a company or agency direct.   Un-paid work experience would also give me a chance to develop my portfolio, it would impress employers and perhaps I would be able to make contacts in the design business.

Once I do get into the work place I would have to get used to holding discussions with prospective clients, designers or accounts executives and would be expected to provide quotations for work undertaken .   Listening to a client to gauge fully their requirements and expected outcome of a project is vital, their wishes and goal is my main aim.   Being familiar with costs of everything involved in my work and the ability to deal with the financial aspect of it is something I would look forward to doing.   The ability to choose suitable materials and producing ideas for a project in the form of sketches, computer displays  or similar to exhibit your ideas for a customer is important.   These skills are carefully and systematically learned over time from repeated use and familiarity with them.   The experience of managing time for each job of work and meeting deadlines within a budget is another essential requirement, this would also probably improve with time from continual use of.

I think that the design industry is continually changing, currently the software involved is improving from year to year and making it easier for a designer.   This trend will probably continue but I think that the basic design skills of a good designer will always shine through and make the difference.   The skills learned in the beginning will always remain and form the basis of a successful dedicated designer.

The world of a designer is very fascinating and a rewarding profession, doing something that is enjoyable.   I appreciate the time and creative patience I would have to devote to it but could not imagine not wanting to do this.

I think may attitude and approach to design is best described by Saul Bass (1996);


“Design is thinking made visual” 

(Saul Bass,1996)





Saul Bass, 1996. [WWW] (Accessed 01 Febuary 2011).


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