Top 10 Designers

This is a list of my favourite top 10 designers they are from all different backgrounds such as Graphic Designers, Typographic Designers, Typeface Designers and various other designers.


1.              David Carson

An American Graphic Designer, David Carson has worldwide fame and is probably the most influential Graphic Designer of the nineties. His introduction of imaginative ideas in magazine design together with his use of experimental typography has gained him fame globally. Carson was the art director for the magazine Ray Gun in the early nineties.


David Carson was an art director for the magazine Ray Gun with his experimental typographic design. I like how he uses the type in this design so parst of the writing stands out and other parts don’t but you can still read it. The use of colour in it looks very effective and also subtle at the same time.


“Trek” is one of the books that David Carson has designed with all his recent work in it. This design looks very busy but it all working together. There is alot of colour on it which makes it attractive to the eye.

I just really like this design with the use of shapes in different colours to make the selection of objects stand out better. The use of type is very strong and almost looks like it is carved into the persons hand. Keep staring at this design for a long time and you would start to notice the little details that go into the design, this is a feature that i like about David Carsons work.

2.              Neville Brody

Neville Brody is a typographic designer. Born in London 1957. He is also a graphic Designer and Art director. He is best known for his work on “face Magazine” (1981-1986) and “Area Magazine” (1987-1990). Brody almost got thrown out of college for putting the Queen’s head on a stamp design sideways not straight as it should have been.

Neville Brody worked with Nike and came up with some great designs like this one, with type going in all different directions which makes it stand out. I like how the trainers sites on the type and also how the word “Bounce” looks like it is bouncing as well.


This is a poster designed by Neville Brody which has a very nice illustration and is very effective. The “Red” on the design stand out amongst the crowd, but i also like how he has designed the shadows for the people so they look like they are walking on the numbers, which gives it the impression that it is 3D.


“The Face” magazine is one of the reasons why Neville Brody is very famous. With this design i like how the “F and E” have been exagerated so that they bleed of the edge of the paper, i also think that the slanted writing looks neat and keeps in well with the design.

3.              Adrain Fruitger

Adrian Frutiger is one of the best Typographic Designers of the twenty firsts century. Born in Switzerland on May 24th 1928, he well known for his typeface designs “Universe” and “Frutiger”. He has won may awards for his work over the years such as “The Gutenburg Prize” and may more. Frutiger currently lives near by Bern.

This is one of the pieces of work that Adrain Frutiger has designed with a red background and white text to make a cross which looks very effctive . I like how he has put his name “Adrian Frutiger” into the middle of the cross which is jusified so that it is level with the sides of the cross.

“Adrian Frutiger Typeface. The complete Works”. This is book that Adrain Frutiger has designed with his typeface designs in it from over the years, the cover of the book looks very clean, and will stand out amoungst the croud on a book shelf.

“Univers” is one of the typefaces that Adrain Frutiger has designed and is one of the resons why Frutiger is well known and is very popular. I like this typeface because the type is all on the same level except for the dot on the “I” which stand out amoungst the rest and also it looks very neat.

4.             Paul Rand

Paul Rand is an American Graphic Designer, born in August 15,1914. He was well known for his coporate logo designs such as :- “IBM”, “UPS”, “Enron”, “Westinghouse”, “ABC” and “Steve Jobs NeXT”. Paul Rand Achieved the “Hall of Fame Art Directers Club” in New York in 1972. He died in Novermber 26, 1996 of Canser and is buried in “Beth EL Cemmetery in Norwalk”.

“IBM” is one of the most famous logos that Paul Rand has designed. He used a series of Rebus on this design by using the leter “I” designed so that it is a human eye and the letter “B” illustrated as an actual “Buzzing Bee”. I like how if you never see this design before you automatically know how to read it.

These are some of the other logos that Paul Rand has made for some other corparative company logos. They are “ABC” logo very nice simple round circle with the type in it, “Cummins Engine”, “IBM”, “UPS” i like this logo becuse it looks like a shield but has a parsel on top it to represent delivery, “YALE”, “Westinghouse”, “NeXT” and “Enron”.

I like how this design looks like a dinner plate, but actually it is a palate plate. The colour red and black with the white illustration are very strong colures when put together.

5.             Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser is an American Graphic Designer, born in New York City, June 26, 1929. Glaser has his own studio called “Milton Glaser, inc” in 1974. Best known for his “I Love New York” logo, “Bob Dylan” poster, “DC Bullet” logo used by DC Comic books, “Brooklyn Brewery” logo and also he was the founded New York Magazine with Clay Felker in 1968.

Worlds most famous and iconic design. Black type with a red heart the representation of “Love”. This is the most copyed design that is ever made in the whole world, by just changing the “NY” to whatever you want to.

This is one of Milton Glaser’s famous poster’s with Bob Dylan. A silouette of Bob Dylan with colourful hair like a rainbow. Also it has the type “DYLAN” written on it with all gaps filled in with colours, but you can sill read it.

“DC Bullet” logo is one of my favourite logos because it is used for “DC comics” which i like to read. Also the circle around the “DC” is sort of representing the univers of comics.

6.             Saul Bass

Saul Bass is an american Graphic designer and also a film maker. He was born in May 8, 1920. He worked with some great film makers such as “Alfred Hitchcock“, “OttoPreminger“, “Stanley Kubrick” and “Martin Scorsese“. Saul Bass was most famous for his logo designs for “AT&T”, “Continental Airlines” 1968, And “Jetstream”, and this was the most recognized logo everywhere. He died in April 25, 1996.

One of the most famous films and a design for “Vertigo” that Saul Bass created for the Film maker Alfred Hitchcock. Using a spiral to represent vertigo. I like the colours on it because they are very strong when you use them together “Red, white and Black”.

This is a video that Saul Bass has created is for the title sequence of  the film “The Human Factor”



This is a quote by Saul Bass which says “Design is thinking made visual.” Another quote that Saul Bass has said is “My initial thoughts about what a title can do was to set mood and the prime underlying core of the film’s story, to express the story in some metaphorical way. I saw the title as a way of conditioning the audience, so that when the film actually began, viewers would already have an emotional resonance with it.” – Quote.


7.             Chip Kidd


Chip Kidd is an American Graphic Designer as well as an author, editor. He was born in Reading in Pennsylvania in september 12, 1964. He is well known for his different styles of book covers and his use new ideas and methods.


I really like this design because it looks very a very old comic book with the black and white illustration. I also like how the illustration in the background of the face looks very effective and a nice style approach.


“Jurassic Park”  is one of the books that Chip Kidd has designed for “Michael Crichton” as a novel and then was carried over into into marketing for film adaption.


One of the think that Chip Kidd likes is comic book s and his favourite comic book is Batman. He eventually did some work for DC comics and designed several comic book covers for Batman. “Veronique Vienne” described his work with comic books as a “Childhood obsession and lasting adult passion” .



8.             Alan Fletcher

Alan Fletcher is a British Graphic Designer . Born in September 27, 1931 in Nairobi, Kenya. The Daily Telegraph described him as most highly regarded Graphic Designer of the generation. He is most known for his work on “V&A” logo and the “IOD” logo as well. One of the quotes that Alan Fletcher said was “Design is not a thing you do, it’s a way of life”. Alan Fletcher died in September 21, 2006.


This is the famous logo for the “Victory Albert Museum” made in 1989, a very good use of graphics with the “&” and “A” coming together to make the shape “A”. Looks very elegant.


“IOD” Institude Of Directors another famous design by Alan Fletcher which looks very posh. I like the way the design looks layered by the size of the type giving it depth.


This is a nice illustration that Alan Fletcher has created with writing looking like it is coming out of his mouth. The black image and text with the yellow background makes it stand out a lot very effective.




9.             Katherine McCoy


Katherine McCoy is an an american graphic designer and a educator. She was born in Decatur, Illinois on October 12, 1945. She was best known for her design program for Cranbook academy of art as the co-chair graduate. She married Michael McCoy a industrial designer.


I like this design, the type is arranged in all different angle but is still easy to read. I like how the type is faded in places and other parts it not making your eyes float over it.


With this design there is a lot of things going on very busily but you can still understand what the design is for.


These are some logos that Katherine McCoy has designed for companies. They are very elegantly designed and uses some nice elution in the work.



10.           Giambattista Bodoni


Giambattista Bodoni is a  Italian typographer designer from the 18th centuy. Giambattista Bodoni was born on Febuary 26, 1740 in Saluzzo. He was a Italian engraver, publisher, printer and typographer. Bodoni is well known for his type face”Bodoni”.


Giambattista Bodoni Had his own typeface called “Bodoni” it is one of the famous typeface designs ever made. It is a ver nice elegant font.


These are the lead font type face that Giambattista Bodoni would use to print with by inking them up and then print on to some paper. The type face on the leading is “Bodoni” as well.


I like this image because it is a company that actually used Bodoni typeface for the name which looks really professional.


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