Top 10 Illustrators

Here is a my list of top 10 favourite Illustraters that i have researched. These illustraters inspire me to come up with some new design.


  1. Ian Bilbey
  2. Tatiana Arocha
  3. Stanley Chow
  4. Nick Anley
  5. Dan McCarthy
  6. Apfel Zet
  7. Katharina Leuzinger
  8. Gail Armstrong
  9. Andy Forshaw
  10. Evgeny Kiselev

1.                        Ian Bilbey

Ian Bilbey is a Illustrater, born in London. He studied Graphic Design at Royal Collage of Art and once graduated he worked with John McConnell at pentagram before going freelance as a designer and illustrator. Ian Bilbey also worked with Paul Smith, some of his clients he worked for was Honda, Toyota, HSBC, BT, Wallpaper Magazine, Vodafone and Darclay Bank. He now lives in the British countyside and in his spare time he likes to race vintage sport cars.

Ian Bilbey worked with Penguin books for a while and come up with a lot of covers such as these two which are very effective and almost comes out at you.

Ian Bilbey did a lot of work for Paul Smith for his autam winter fashion collection to promote his company. The type of work is a display of imaginative illustration.

I like this design that Ian Bilbey has made for Vodafone. It looks so simple to make and is also it looks very clean and crisp, good use of imagination.

Here is another design that Ian Bilbey has made which looks very simple and you now what it is straight away which is why i like his illustrations.

2.                     Tatiana Arocha

Tatiana Arocha is a versatile and accomplished artist, graphic designer, director, photographer and illustrator from Bogota, Colombia living in New York. Tatiana had personal clients such as Wiedent+Kennedy, Sundance, VH1 and MTV.

This is a design that Stanley chow did some work for coca cola. I like how the bottle is just a silhouette but you still know that it is a coke bottle.

Now this design i like absolutely love it displays sound with all the different objects coming out of the exhaust pipe with hints of green in it looks brilliant.

I think this design looks very modern. I like how it looks so culey and that parts of the design is filled in with colour.

3.                  Stanley Chow

Stanley Chow was born in Manchester and also worked in Manchester. Stanley chow was a DJ in Manchester and he started by doing some illustration designs flyers and posters for his DJ. He is one of the most highley repected and established artist in the UK. He has done media, adverting, design, publishing, packaging, games, animations and interative.

This is a design of Sheryl Obama that Stanley Chow has made. I like how it is all just made up of different shapes but you still know who it is supposed to be.

“The Beatles” this is a cover for the Beatles album and i like how the faces are in shadow one half of them the effect displays darkness.

This is a recent design for an advert on BBC One that Stanley Chow has made which looks really cool. I remember seeing this advert on TV when i was waiting to watch Dr Who before it come on.

4.                 Nik Ainley

Nik Ainley is a UK based illustrator. He a degree in physics and communication web design but then went into digital Illustration. He’s always looking for different techniques to push his images to next level. Nik Ainley has worked for clients such as Adobe, Virgin, ESPN, HSBC British Airways, Nike and many more.

Nik Anley’s work looks so fresh, I would love to come up with some unique style like this very new but very complicated to make.



Here is a design that Nik Ainley made for the National Geographic channel that looks very explosive. I like how the type is all arranged to the left.



This design that Nik Ainley made looks like the new revolution for design in illustrations. I also like how the images look like they are distorted.



I like how this illustration looks with all the different effects on it and the different faces hidden in it. The colors are very dark and which makes the image very effective.




5.                Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy is a illustrator from the united States. Dan McCarthy has two dreams which are art and music. He was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States, on september 6th in 1976. He started doing illustrations for flyers for his band in the nineties. He moved to Boston to study at the museum of fine arts. He is now a artist and designer at home in Falmouth, Massachusetts.



This is called “Don Stepped Outside.” I like this illustration because the ground is pure black and is very striking. I also like how the sky at night has a plain trail going through it.



The mountain of the illustration looks reall life- like and layered. This is called “Keep it secret, Keep it safe.”

The bottom illustration is called “Hot Chocolate.” I love this illustration because it look so warm with the light on in the house. It gives a cosy impression to it.



I like how the image are made so that they look very crisp and clean.



This illustration is very interesting because your eyes automatically go straight towards the window with the light on. Without staring at the window with the light on you would notice the amount of detail that goes into making the building.




6.           Apfel Zet

Apfel Zet is an illustrated company from Berlin, Germany. They are a group of students from the state academy of visual arts in Stuttgart. The company was formed in 1997, they mainly work for cultural and editorial institutions, they also create design for brands and corporate identites.



 This is called “Central Staion and Air Harbour.” I just like all the detail that goes into this design, such as how it looks 3D.



Title:- “Overhead Traffic Ways.” I can just spent hours staring at this illusrtion, just noticing the smallest of detail added to it.

This is called “La Plaza De Caralejas”. I also like how “Apfel Zet” uses his design to also display adverts.

I like how “Apfel Zet” work looks so real life like. It looks like someone took a photograph and then put the photo into illustrator and coloured it in.

7.                 Katharina Leuzinger

Katharina Leuzinger was brought up in Switerland by her Japanese parents. Her dual nationality and her growth in a culturally mixed enviromenment resulting in an enriching melting pot which would influence decisive in the style she came to adopt. Katharina Leuzinger has won many awards such as AD&D, Design Week and Creative Circle.

Title :- “Greating Card Design created for the visual taste.” This design looks amazing, very simple. I like how it is shaped as a circle and how it is formed with a grid.

Title:- “Wallpaper Design for studio Nommo.” I like how this illustration is made up of patterns but it makes an image.

This illustration does not have a name, but the design is very appealing, as you flick through the book it stands out with all the different and bright colours it uses.

Title:- “Design for limited edition christmas 2007 packaging and in store graphics.” The colours on the image look very warm and inviting.

8.                   Gail Armstrong

Gail Armstrong is a illustrater which use paper as sculptues in her work. She makes the paper sculpture and then photograph them once they are made. Then using photoshop and illusrater she makes the final touches to her design. Gail Armstrong has worked with alot of clients such as Guernsey Post, National Geographic, Wausau Paper, Rotary Watches, Klennex, Anchor Butter, Virgin Travel and Milkeybar.

Gail Armstrong uses very expressive colours almost subtle in her designs, she makes part of the colours lighter then the opposite in another part of the her creations.

I like how this illustration is made up from shopping receipts. All of Gail Armstrong’s wok looks very effective. The shadows bring them to life.

I just really like how her designs actually look like what they are supposed to look like with each of Gail Armstrong’s work.

 Gail Armstrong did some work for “Anchor.” I like how the shapes come out at you, like layers.

9.                 Andy Forshaw

Andy Forshaw was born and raised on the airy outskirts of Crystal Palace in South East London. He went to Saint Martains College of art and design in Graphic Design and graduated in the summer of 2005. After Graduating he worked for the renowned London based collection of illustrations Peepshow. The Peepshow did work for The V&A Museum, Orange and BBC 4 Radio. His attention to detail attracted other companys contracts such as Nike Europe, Graniph Japan, Vice Magazine, Bloomsbury Publishing and many more.

Title:-“Fruits De Mer.” This looks lie a very complicated whale but i like the amount of detail and work that has gone into it.

Title:-Nasal Nightmare.” This design is shaped as a circle making it look very clean. I like how the whole design is in one colour which is blue, makes it easy on the eye.

Title:-“Witchcraft & Wizardry.” With Andy Forshaw’s work its like he has lots of ideas for some thing and then the only way to get it all out is by drawing it all in one as an illustration.

Title:-“Pyramians.” The hollow triangle in the middle of the illustration makes the illustration eye-catching.




10.                          Evgeny Kiselev

Evgeny was born in a place called “Uralsk”, but he would settle in a place called “Saint Petersburg.” The city would greatly influenced him to become a designer. He worked in an advertising agency for five years full time as a Graphic Designer but wanted to do his own work and ideas so he became a freelance. He works day in day out, for different companys, but he loves his free time he has now.




Title:-“Vortex.” I like how “Evgeny Kiselev” put a title to each of his design so that you know what he was thinking when he made his design.

Title:-“It Was A Dream.” This illustration looks very busy, I like all the different shapes which comes together as a picture.

Title:-“Good Point.” I don’t know what this is supposed to be but the colours make you look at it in detail.

Title:-“Nachalo Blue.” This looks like a whale, I like how it is made up of swirls.


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